Yoshitaka Amano
Selected Artwork
from 'Hiten'
  1. Beast - One That Reveres Darkness
  2. Naked Body of Fossil
  3. The Claw of the Conciliator
  4. Elric: The Vanishing Tower
  5. Fantasy Box
  6. D: The Vampire Hunter
  7. Elric: Stormbringer
  8. Strange Beast
  9. Guin Saga
  10. The Blade of Mars
  11. "Dai-Makai" - The World of Spirits vol. 1
  12. Guin Saga vol.24
  13. "Akumu-Grai" - The Nightmare Eater
  14. "Miraishi-tachi" - The Future Foreseeing
  15. Cover Art

from 'Maten'

  1. ?? - Sorceror and Woman
  2. ?? - Man with a Gun
  3. Vampire Hunter D
  4. ?? - Faerie with Horse
  5. 'SOLDIER'

from 'Final Fantasy Japan'

  1. Mash Rene Figaro (Final Fantasy VI)
  2. Ceres Chere (Final Fantasy VI)
  3. Shadow (Final Fantasy VI)
  4. Kefka's Tower (Final Fantasy VI)
  5. Butz Klauser and Lenna Charlotte Tycoon (Final Fantasy V)
  6. ?? - Woman on a green background (Final Fantasy V)
  7. Butz vs. X-Death (Final Fantasy V)
  8. Cover Art

from 'Sandman: Dream Hunters'

  1. The "Messengers"
  2. Baku, the Dream Eaters
  3. The Onmyoji's Prophets
  4. Lord of Dreams

from 'Biten'

  1. Hero on his Steed
  2. King of Darkness (Shishioh)
  3. Honey Blood (Shishioh)
  4. A Verse of the Moon
  5. An Albino Warrior

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