Hanneke De Neve

About the Artist

"My fibercollages, paintings, watercolors and mixed media are figurative and all linked. They depict an imaginary universe with landscapes, people, still lifes and dream. What I am trying to do is to show my love for people, beauty and life itself. Work as a means of living, living with work, and making a living with my work -- it occupies all my time. My work is mostly about people and their inner feelings and movement."

"My work is an intense must for my own well-being. I must create to empty my filled-up head. Dreams are in my work, and ideas, made-up stories, together with all my thoughts about people and their conditions, their lives and situations and their everyday milieu, mixed with my day-to-day reality. Work creates more work, each new piece calls for another. They are part of a process. If I am not inspired by my own thought it is the outside which will inspire me again. This is a never-ending process and I feel lucky to be able to see, feel, and experience it. Each angle is being explored -- I use everything to my advantage -- selfish artist that I am. I use, reuse it, put it in collages and drawings -- take a little here, give a little there."

Hanneke de Neve, Cranbury, New Jersey







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