The Soundtrack to
Drowning Missouri

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  1. Red Leader
  2. Slow Motion Girl
  3. Skinny Ben
  4. Super Villain
  5. Matika Marumba
  6. Target Audience
  7. Angell Street
  8. Happy Endings

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Songs in a variety of styles, from 30s-style scratchy-record schmaltz to surf punk and everything not inbetween.

Quotes from the songs:

"With his headphones on and ducks on his cape, he made us a tape of the soundtrack to our lives..."
- Skinny Ben

"Come on Kitten, don't be blind, they can't stand against our minds! You and I will rule the world, a Super Villain and his girl..."
- Super Villain

"She had a purring laugh and Japanimation eyes..."
- Slow Motion Girl

"If I were a soldier in the war between ideas, I'd drive a big opinion tank through battlefields of thought, thinking in the end that I would win..."
- Target Audience

"The shadows on the lawn put on a midnight cabaret and the cadence of a car alarm said everything's okay..."
- Angell Street

The Garden King

Drowning Missouri

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