The Garden King by Elevenland

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  1. Lean Closer In
  2. Luna Moth
  3. A Message from the Moon
  4. Gamarabi
  5. Clyde and Winter
  6. Midsummer Song
  7. The Lithoseer
  8. In the Starlight
  9. The Conquerer
  10. A Novel Sight
  11. The Florophant
  12. Untitled
  13. The Garden King

The Unraven
Stories of the Garden King
Lean closer in
Luna Moth
A Message from the Moon
Clyde and Winter
Midsummer Song
The Lithoseer
In the Starlight
The Conquerer
A Novel Sight
The Florophant
The Garden King

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Elevenland is
Beautiful "psychadelic folk" music hailing from the dissonant suburbs of old New Jersey.

The Garden King is
A theme album about an ancient oak tree who tells stories of the dead beneath its roots.

Now Playing: Midsummer Song

"Through the violet speckled night, On sprouting wings of green and white, Casting glimmers like a blazing sail, Tossing on a darkened ocean tide."
- Luna Moth

"My little rocks must think it queer to float without an atmosphere, Revolving on inertial gears, All winded several billion years ago."
- Message from the Moon

"Lizard leaps and lands along a lava rock, Looking rather lichenlike, Lazing in the lime like luster of the light, As it lies lackadaisically licking the lithosere."
- The Lithoseer

"In the Tower of the Florophant, Orchids move with languid grace. The thorny duchess in her perianth is sitting there without a face..."
- The Florophant

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The Garden King

Drowning Missouri

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